The 180° Pain Management Program is a client centered program and integrates a biopsychosocial approach. It is unique in that it involves a full MDT including clients and their carers, physiotherapy, dietetics, occupational therapy, exercise physiology, medicine, nursing and psychology. It employs evidenced based educational and therapeutic techniques and consumers will be involved in evaluation and redesign.

Two Programs:

  • Half day pain program Heading (One step forward program)
  • High intensity program (180 degree)

180° Pain Management Program runs over 6 weeks with participants expected to attend all sessions. Sessions are structured between 10am-4pm on a Tuesday and Wednesday.

• MDT consisting of allied health (Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist, Psychologist, Exercise Physiologist and Dietetics), Pain Specialist and Nursing will conduct various sessions of the program.

• An integral part of consolidating learning is to include learnings within everyday activities. It is important that participants engage in strategies outside of the group environment.
• A follow up evaluation and focus group will be administered on completion of the program to review participants progress. The team will be able to assist in consolidating or maintaining changes.

The 180° Pain Management Program is an intensive multidisciplinary pain management group program. It is designed by our pain experts for individuals who experience chronic and persistent pain. The overall aim of the program is to address the multitude of issues complex pain may cause in order to provide individuals the skills and strategies to live a functional life. The 180° Pain Management Program may be recommended to you or your client after a comprehensive assessment by one of our treating pain specialist team. The program involves a group of 8-10 individuals at a time, who work with our multidisciplinary team (MDT) with a focus on a range of areas.

The 180° Pain Management Program is an intensive 6 week course which runs for two days per week for a total of 6 hours per day (10am-4pm) at the ACT Pain Centre. Take home activities are also provided throughout the program for enhanced skill development.


Individuals must be willing to attend all educational and therapeutic sessions for the program and complete the required home learning. They will be encouraged to write values based goals. Individual experiences within the program will differ and results may be different for each client participating.

*inclusion criteria
• Anybody who has been suitably assessed by a member of ACT Pain Centre
• Anybody who has experienced 3 months or more of chronic or persistent pain
• Individuals who agree to/are willing to participate in a group environment.


180° Pain Management Program enables individuals through education and therapeutic strategies to:

1. Improve patients understanding of chronic pain and its effects;
2. Improve level of physical function and promote return to daily living tasks;
3. Modify perceived level of pain, disability, and suffering;
4. Provide coping strategies for dealing with pain, disability, and distress;
5. Promote self-management;
6. Reduce or achieve appropriate future utilisation of healthcare services related to pain;
7. Preparation for discharge/maintenance of gains.


If you have any questions about the program please contact the 180° Pain Management Program coordinator Melanie at [email protected]


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